Annie Kevans ~ 7 april to 7 may 2006
studio 1.1
london e2

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Graduating from Central Saint Martins in 2004 (when her degree show sold out) Annie Kevans was included in that year's Future Map Visual Arts exhibition, showcasing the pick of that year's graduates. She has also featured in -scopeCircle 2004, and at zoo art fair 2005, where she was presented by studio 1.1. 'Girls' will be her first solo show.

Britney, Jodie, Brooke... a roll-call of child stars.

In her previous series 'Boys', Annie Kevans recreated tyrants and dictators as wide-eyed toddlers. Now studio1.1 is very pleased to present her not-quite-parallel series 'Girls'.

While the dictators' childhoods were imagined, those of the child-stars are even now before us; not just in films and videos but in the consistent tenacity with which their youth is maintained. Whereas the boys had to (often literally) make a name for themselves as Pol Pot or Hitler, these girls were found, sought out; their image given to them with help from mom, dad and the talent scout. The despots’ pasts are lost to us, the girls’ futures just as much lost to themselves, transfixed as they are in youth and beauty, leaving truth far behind.

Executed in deft and delicate brushstrokes, there's a melancholy in these near monochrome portraits. The process of (self) invention, innocence and culpability touches both series differently. While the tyrants themselves were guilty, in the child-stars it is more diffuse. Often startlingly sexualized, they stare out of their world into ours. Innocents accusing us: for in forming part of their eager audience how far are we from being blameless?

Studio 1.1

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