Jae ELLIS “Flat Mates – multiple musings on the perils of internet dating.”

“Flat Mates – multiple musings on the perils of internet dating.”

7 – 30 August

above, ‘Wink if you like me’ – Video Still

Jae Ellis is the winner of studio1.1′s 6th ‘Lottery Show’ prize draw.

Jae Ellis presents multimedia meanderings musing on the perils and thrills of internet dating informed by tales of hope, dismay and triumph gathered by the artist.  As a refusnik, the artist draws on these vicarious experiences and ten-digit handiness to craft an idiosyncratic exhibition of art referencing the online pursuit of a mate. Please attend IRL if you have SI – GSOH essential.

Jae has decided to divide her show into two parts – in the first she will show her own work, while for the second fortnight of her month she has handed over to curator Gregory Hayman, who will show work based around the idea of ‘the uncomfortable’ by Jae and himself, as well as by David Kefford, Lea Torp Nielsen, Richard Sawdon Smith, Sarah Smith and Dominic Watson.

‘Within my practice I use a wide range of media, including film, photography, sculpture and textiles – Often I use textiles or textile based technniques as I feel they evoke complex physical and intellectual beliefs and associations about their nature and purpose.  Contemporary issues and ideas motivate me, underpinning and inspiring all my artwork.
My artworks can evoke a strong desire for tactile interaction, something I do not discourage.  I feel this aspect addresses the known-ness of a thing and the limitations of merely seeing something, and is my response to a world which is increasingly about virtual experience.   It also questions the notion of art as precious and distanced from the viewer.’


tickets are now available for the 7th ‘LOTTERY SHOW’ draw which will take place at sluice art fair on 18th October 2015, the winner being given 4 weeks in the gallery’s timetable in 2016.

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