1 – 11 September

curated by Andy Cohen

Siena Barnes, Amanda Benson, Anna Boggon, Andy Cohen, Ann Course, Marnie Clark Course, Emily Glass, Keran James, Max Mason, Gill Ord, Kay Walsh, Rosie West, Mandy Worster


Places exist as talismanic for the artist – the studio of course, the retreat, the mountain, the street, the cave… the interface between the artist and artifice.
Where is the subject found,where the ‘elsewhere’ that haunts us?
The context changes whatever it includes; inelegant Moses, stumbling after the words he lacks, falls prey to suave Aaron who can betray the truth in making it more comprehensible. Secondary shadows can falsify the ideal…
There are slogans, defiant stands are taken, or comfort in the (un)familiar. Always a dialogue with oneself hoping someone is listening in – the cave echoes with voices.