Dai Roberts “30 Artists 30 Days”

UNIT started by manufacturing a set of materials in a unitary size.  This size (285x285mm) was arrived at intuitively in relation to its ease of working within the human scale, the single unit being a favorable size for the hand, (recently noted is its closeness to the foot measurement) rather than by the use of other universal standards of measurement. A system was devised to work these materials into three-dimensional objects. The most recent examples of the UNIT sculpture use specially made concrete slabs with inset mounting points.

The folded paper works came out of investigation of materials qualities. The coloured sugar paper is folded to highlight the material of the paper and then sprayed to create abstract compositions.

UNIT sculptures tend to take on either a pseudo functional appearance or something more akin to a traditional piece of sculpture; this dichotomy is a key element of the work. The UNIT works question the notion of an art object/space versus the domestic and everyday. They reference both interior objects such as tables and storage units, whilst also having an abstract architectural quality of the ‘model’.

I use the simple idea of Addition (UNIT) and Division (Folded works) as a method to limit and define the systematic production of the works. Using both the material qualities and simple construction techniques.