‘This Year’s Model’ (parts I and II) our Annual Members’ Show

‘This Year’s Model’ (parts I and II)

our Annual Members’ Show 

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Sračok & Pöhlmann present


Keran James and Rafael Sanchez

opening Friday 14 July

via Shim at Arthelix New York


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CHARLES WILLIAMS ‘Louise Bourgeois and Other Stories’

4 – 27 November

‘I can’t paint nothing,’ Charles Williams says, and he goes on: ‘I would like to, but I cannot. My recent series of still life paintings started as an attempt to escape the tyranny of meaning and narrative by painting things and not people, but quickly fell into a meditation on mortality that led to my getting the horrors when I painted them. I cannot escape the figure because painting is a means of dragging out things about my own existence from my mind and making them ‘real’ in front of me, and hoping for validation from other people.’ Elsewhere he tells us about, and paints and repaints, the Russian Protestor seen in a tv documentary, making a public demonstration in the only legal way in Russia today, as a person on his own holding a placard on which nothing is written. Making, of course, a perfectly clear statement.

Certainly, the objects in the still lives he refers to haven’t been selected from the flea market and the greengrocer and the butcher and set up as Chardin might have done, to observe, and demonstrate to us, how the light falls on the different textures of glass and peachskin and eviscerated rabbit. Their image conveys a meaning, even if it sidesteps the visual/tactile one of texture and shadow. By default, almost, Williams’ objects are objectified, showing us the notion of a person, or a political idea, or a memento mori. In this they have been, almost by accident,  decommodified. That orange isn’t one we particularly want to own, and eat. Though we might want to buy the painting.

We tell each other stories, we paint pictures to share something of our world, an impossibility of course. So we approximate and hope for the best. Your reality probably doesn’t  look like mine and ‘I gotta use words when I talk to you’: here’s an apple, a skull, a Russian gay rights protester…

No, the source material for our painterly inventions doesn’t have to be the greengrocer it can be the memory or the film memory pieces together for us in the dark projection house of our brains. But memory can play tricks and that can come in handy. Après tout, as Louise might remind us ‘Ceci n’est pas une pipe’.

Charles Williams was born in Evanston, Illinois. He lives and paints  in Faversham, Kent. What he tells or shows you exists, as Auden put it, ‘in the valley of its saying’.



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6 – 9pm, studio1.1, London

with tirles from

Carol Watts, employee n. XXXXX72, Brian Dawn Chalkley, David Perez and Daniel Devlin, Keran James, Martin Gayford, Athanasia Hughes, Simon Rattigan, Captain Ska

Each book is for sale at £5

SPIRALBOUND/SUSAKPRESS is a radical new publishing venture with its H.Q. at studio1.1, London. We are interested in work that exists at the touching point of the idea and its manifestation; work which is made solid from air as you grasp it on the printed page. Exploiting the immediacy of the digital medium, what is printed re-enters the ether anew. All is provisional, change is permanent.

We are not interested in re-creating artist portfolios or catalogues of an existing studio practice. We particularly encourage artists/writers who wish to experiment outside their usual practice.


(‘Skip, I am far above you…’ Keran James)

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Andrew Graves and Stephen Harwood

are we bonkers? ‘Common Ground’ opening tonight 6 – 9pm

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in our annual ‘LOTTERY SHOW!’ draw is…


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The best odds in the artworld!

LAST FEW DAYS!!!! Tickets for our annual ‘LOTTERY SHOW!’ draw!

deadline Sunday 19th October 12 pm!!

(when this Frieze hell is over!)


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tickling the underbelly – tonight 6 – 9pm

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last year’s ‘Lottery Show’ winner, Paul Carey-Kent curates… ‘The Combinational’ opening tomorrow

with Sue Collis, Appau Junior Boakye-Yiadom, Suzanne Moxhay, Wil Murray, Sarah Anne Johnson and Catherine Herbert

limited edition tickets for next year’s ‘Lottery Show’ are now on sale!!

the draw will take place during Frieze weekend October 2014

(the winner will have four weeks in the gallery as part of our 2015 timetable to do with what they wish!!)

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BUY NOW! A limited edition (250) print by JORDAN McKENZIE for just £10 which gives entry to the draw for our annual fund-raiser. The lucky winner, selected entirely at random is given four weeks to do with what they will as part of studio1.1, London’s 2015 programme! Click here for more info…

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