GILL ORD Contiguous Array


In Gill Ord’s new work developed over the last few years, repeated gestures and a fluctuating colour palette (held within a carefully calibrated range) are starting points in the melting of time and order. Often inspired by travel and particular places, movements in the landscape, channels in the earth or of water, the journey becomes a delicate unfolding. There is a top and a bottom, a left and right, but the axes are interchangeable.

The image, echoing Hogarth’s line of beauty, is both what it is, cropped where the paper stops; or it is endless, carrying on in perpetual motion into an imagined world without constraints.

The starting points are clear but the result is a matrix of colour, a weave, echoing the twists the body makes as the uninterrupted line crosses the flat surface, each coat teasing with a suggested depth. A repeated action that achieves a fractionally different result each time, as the lines overlay each other or we move, in our turn, from image to image where the same result could never be expected, but like striking a flint a flame can suddenly spark.

A choreography of colour as elegant quadrille. Waltz, darling?